Guide: How to submit your own Wordpress Plugin

In this short tutorial i will teach you how to submit your own developed wordpress plugin
Today i just uploaded my new developed Wordpress Plugin Dynamic QR-Code Saver to and i noticed that there are a few tutorials on how to submit a wordpress plugin, but no one, how to upload the plugin to the wordpress directory. So i decided to write my own article about it.
BTW: Click here to get to the upload tutorial

Step 1: Create a Wordpress Account

First you need to setup a new Wordpress account. Do this by clicking here.

Step 2: Create the readme.txt

Every plugin need it's own readme.txt. In this file you describe your Plugin and define some information about the plugin it self (Plugin name; Version; What wordpress version is required; ...).
How to create this readme.txt file, more information and a readme-validator can be found here.

Step 3: Fill in some information about the plugin

Step 4: Upload your Plugin

Before you can submit the plugin you need to upload it, so a wordpress coworker can check if it was created properly. Just upload the whole zip-file to an One-Click-Hoster of your choice or to your own webserver. After that you can finally submit your plugin!

Now it takes up to 48 hours until wordpress responds with a short request-approved-e-mail. If everything is alright you get a Link to your SVN-repository, which is needed to upload the plugin to the wordpress site.

How to do that I'll explain in the next tutorial -> Coming Soon!